Thursday, 25 August 2016

Pulp Alley – Perilous Island Campaign – Hell Unleashed

All leagues have finally reached the Forbidden City and spread out to frantically search for Lord Darrow and at the same time stay out of sight from the other Leagues, as the cease fire we all agreed on (and everyone kept!) is now worth nothing.
You can see the leagues in the corners of the board. The Belgians in the upper left, the Phrenologists in upper right, the Cult of Ra in the lower left and the heroic CSSS in the lower right corner.
It seems we all have the same general idea where to find Darrow - in the centre of the Forbidden City, and by a strange coincidence we all see him at the same time and from different directions (we modified the set-up as it was originally for two or three players. Now the playing area is twice as large and we all come in from different corners)
The Belgians, horrified by the spectacle in front of them.
The Phrenologists, all shaking with fear and clutching their skulls.
The cowardly Cultists, fearing their own death or un-undeath.
The courageous CSSS, knowing God is on their side.
The very fabric of space and time is torn asunder as the legendary Orb of pure Perilium consumes Lord Darrow whose body transforms into an unspeakable abomination in front of our very eyes. Is Hell upon us?
The Orb and what is left of Lord Darrow. Poor chap.
The earth shakes and volcanic clouds obscure the sun as we all spring into action. The only way to stop this is to physically wrest the orb from what is left of Lord Darrow. Looks like a walk in the park...
It all starts rather quietly. All leagues advance towards the centre of the board. It is as if the cease-fire is still in effect.
The leader and sidekick from the Belgian League uses their experimental Flight Packs and flies over all obstacles while the cannon fodder takes their time. 
The cultist horde stays together, seeking safety in numbers.
With a healthy dose of Divine Intervention both Monsignore and Padre unfolds their angelic wings (unfortunately invisible in this shot...) and they also fly across the terrain (yep, I used the same Flight Packs as the Belgians, but took some liberties as to how the effect actually worked.) My attempt to sound as an angelic choir made the other players say very rude things and cover their ears.
Turn 2 starts and with it gale force winds starts to whirl around the Orb, hurling debris through the air. The area within 18” of the Orb is considered Perilous.
The cease-fire is certainly over as all minions starts shooting. This happens all around the table, and losses start to climb while the cannon fodder advances towards each other while the leaders and side-kicks advances towards the centre of the table.
Aow! That hurt!
Unfortunately high density of heroes...
 Turn 3 and the very earth cracks as huge boulders rise into the air. The area closest to the Orb is now Extremely Perilous.
The chunks of earth that I made earlier comes into play.
Allies, followers and gangs continue to batter each other and one after another falls.
The Belgians lead the way into the mealstrom around the orb. They pass Peril after Peril until the Boss takes one hit.
The Prenologist advances into the smoke and debris. Their leader passes all his tests but a lowly ally falls, hit in the head by a skull (a fitting end to a phrenologist)
Monsignore, Padre and Soura all advance into the flyin debris. Padre is hit and takes a wound.
Turn 4 and molten lava bubbles from the holes left after the boulders. A character on the ground must climb onto a floating boulder (passing a random Peril) or be burnt to a crisp (or at least be removed from this scenario).
The Belgians have the initiative and their leader jumps from boulder to boulder like a gazelle, passing all the annoyingly easy Perils. He grabs the orb and (easily passing the Elder Stone Challenge) he wrests it from the mutated body of Lord Darrow.
We watch in stunned silence. This was supposed to be difficult. It was really not supposed to be this easy. What happened here? How can one man have this much luck with the cards and his dice rolling?
Our thoughts are yanked back into the unreality of Perilous Island as the earth starts to shake violently, the volcano grumbles as dark smoke spews from its top.

Don’t miss the panicked rush to the boats (in the case of the CSSS it is a tactical retreat in full order, mind you) in the next instalment.

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Kickstarter Watch – Frame-Werx – modular 3D-terrain

Kickstarters related to 3D-printing terrain seem to become more and more popular and they must be very suitable for this medium as the products are electronics file and therefore not subject to rising postage costs and such. As a bonus, deliveries are often quick as development time is significantly shorter than with something that they have to produce hard copies of.
The newest to catch my eyes is Frame-Werx, and it was the clleverness of the system coupled with the possibility to use the resulting buildings in Zombicide that looks really interesting for me. 
Here you 3D-print the framework of the buildings and print the walls on an ordinary colour printer. Looks easy, is certainly cheap and the result is quite good. 
As you can see from their pics it certainly makes the gameboard look fantastic.
Wip steampunk building
There will be many different 'skins' to suit many gaming 'periods'.
For more information, check their Kicktarter page. It ends on August 24th and delivers in September.

All photos and illustrations © David Lee Seymour and used with permission

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The High Desert Museum in Oregon, USA

I’m finally back in Sweden and back to blogging after a tree week vacation in Oregon, USA, visiting old friends and travelling about quite a lot. It was mostly non-historical and non-gaming but between whale-watching, hiking, eating, driving, smelling roses and whatnot, I managed a couple of museums that might be of interest.
The first of these is the High Desert Museum close to Bend and Sun River in Oregon. Here you will find exhibits on the nature and history of the High Desert and of interest to gamers, and especially those gaming Old West, there are exhibitions on exploration and settlement, Plateau Indians and a ranch and sawmill from early 19-hundreds.
Let’s have a look!

We're met in the Entrance by this Stagecoach. Great inspirations for the miniature one from Sarissa that is waiting for some attention.  Remember that you can click on the pics to get larger ones.
A sheepherder's wagon. These were popular during the 1880's.
One of the permanent exchibitions is Spirit of the West:
A Paiute, the original inhabitants of the area, shelter.
An Oregon Trail wagon.
In the mid 1800's mapmakers were sent out to... well... make maps.
We even find a part of Silver City here!
Hall of the Plateau Indians is another permanet exhibition and didn't have enough time to fully appreciate it, unfortunately. 
A traditional summer tipi made made with reeds as covering material
A reservation tipi
The 1904 Miller Family Ranch and Lazinka Sawmill
I would have liked to take more pics, but it was around 350C (not suitable for this Swede...) and everyone was hungry for lunch.
A corral made of willow and juniper
This beatiful Model 1924 T Ford will end this photograpic journey through the High Desert Museum. I hope you enjoyed it.
All in all this is a really nice museum well worth a visit if you're in the vicinity.

In the next post from my trip we will see a very, very large aircraft.

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